The Robin M. Williams, Jr. Lecturer for 2013-2014 is Karen A. Cerulo of Rutgers University. Dr. Cerulo, the editor of ESS’s journal, Sociological Forum, is a leading cultural sociologist.  Her central focus is on culture and cognition and is exemplified by three major works, Never Saw It Coming: Cultural Challenges to Envisioning the Worst (2006), Deciphering Violence: The Cognitive Structure of Right and Wrong (1998), and Identity Designs: The Sights and Sounds of a Nation (1995).

The Robin M. Williams, Jr. Lectureship Committee invites the names of leading scholars to be considered for appointment as the 2014-2015 Robin M. Williams, Jr., Lecturer. The Eastern Sociological Society established the Lectureship in 1992 to honor the many contributions of Robin M. Williams, Jr. (1914-2006) to the discipline and the Society, particularly as founding editor of its journal, Sociological Forum, now in its 27th year.

The original announcement states, “As part of the Society’s attempt to enhance the sharing of ideas, one of our colleagues will be invited to spend time and give lectures on two campuses within the Society’s jurisdiction during his or her year as the Williams Lecturer.” The Executive Office will provide transportation and honoraria: the host institution will take care of local arrangements, including room and board. The individual chosen for the Lectureship will receive an honorarium and will present two lectures on campuses in the ESS region during the terms of his or her appointment. (These campuses will be selected on a competitive basis.) The Lecturer will attend the 2014 ESS Annual meeting to be introduced and will present his or her lecture at the 2015 ESS Annual Meeting.

In 2014, the annual meetings will be held in Baltimore on February 20-23. Please send nominations in a letter detailing the reasons for the nomination along with no more than three supporting letters by November 17th, 2013, to the Robin M. Williams, Jr., Lectureship Committee Chair:


Nazli Kibria

Department of Sociology
Boston University
96-100 Cummington Street
Boston, MA 02215