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About Us



What Is ESS?

Our Society was founded in 1930 to advance sociological research, promote the effective teaching of sociology, develop more vital relationships between sociology and related disciplines, and to use the tools of the social sciences to address social problems. We publish a peer-reviewed journal Sociological Forum, host an annual conference, support workshops, and award prizes for excellence in the discipline.

Current Officers

President: Frederick F. Wherry

President-Elect: Dana R. Fisher

Past President: Robert C. Smith

Vice President: Jennifer C. Lena

Vice President-Elect: Simon Cheng

Secretary: Amy Hsin  

Treasurer: Elena Vessellinov


Executive Committee Members:

Diditi Mitra

Myron T. Strong

Ingrid Castro

Hilary Silver

Christel Kelser

Prema Kurien

Our Executive Director

Jennifer McAdam serves as the Executive Director of the Eastern Sociological Society. She also teaches in the Sociology Department at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. She covers a variety of courses, including: Sociology of the Family; Social Deviance; Principles of Sociology; Social Theory; Qualitative Research Methods; Social Problems; and Essentials of Criminal Justice. She has also taught Introduction to Sociology and Sociology of the Law at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ.


Our Editor-In-Chief

Karen Cerulo serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Sociological Forum. She is Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University and teaches courses in culture, media, social interaction, social deviance, and statistics.  She has authored several books and articles in the areas of culture and cognition, symbol systems and meaning, media and technology, social change, decision making, identity construction, and measurement techniques.


The journal was established in 1986 with Robin M. Williams, Jr as founding editor-in-chief in 1986. Subsequent editors were Steven Cole, Richard Hall, and Robert Max Jackson. 

Our Constitution

Our Constitution was amended in 2017 and can be found here.

Past Presidents

Tenure    President

30-31     Frank H. Hankins

31-32      Henry P. Fairchild

32-33     Manuel C. Elmer

33-34    Robert M. MacIver

34-35   James H. S. Bossard

35-36   James W. Woodard

36-37   Jerome Davis

37-38   Clarence G. Dittmer

38-39   Joseph K. Folsom

39-40   Willard Waller

40-41    Maurice Davie

41-42    Talcott Parsons

42-43   George Lundberg

43-44   Robert S. Lynd

44-45   E. Franklin Frazier

45-46   Gladys Bryson

46-47   Donald Young

47-48   Thorsten Sellin

48-49   Meyer F. Nimkoff

49-50   Nathan L. Whetten

50-51   Jessie Bernard

51-52   Wilbert E. Moore

52-53   Ira De A. Reid

53-54   Alfred McClung Lee

54-55   Mirra Komarovsky

55-56   Theodore Abel

56-57   Vincent A. Whitney

57-58   Robert Bierstedt

58-59   William J. Goode

59-60   August B. Hollingshead

60-61   Alex Inkeles

61-62   Robert F. Bales

62-63   George Homans

63-64   Lewis Coser

64-65   Charles Page

65-66   Robin M. Williams, Jr

66-67   Melvin M. Tumin

67-68   Everett C. Hughes

68-69  Robert K. Merton

69-70  Hanan C. Selvin

70-71   S.M. Miller

71-72   Orville G. Brim, Jr

72-73   Herbert J. Gans

73-74   Alice S. Rossi

74-75   Charles V. Willie

75-76   Peter L. Berger

76-77   Renee C. Fox

77-78   Matilda White Riley

78-79   Milton M. Gordon

79-80   Helen MacGill Hughes

80-81   Kai Erikson

81-82   James E. Blackwell

82-83   Melvin L. Kohn

83-84   Cynthia Fuchs Epstein

84-85   Rose Laub Coser

85-86   Eliot Freidson

86-87   Suzanne Keller

87-88   Morris Rosenberg

88-89   Beth B. Hess

89-90   William A. Gamson

90-91   Murray A. Straus

91-92   Peter I. Rose

92-93   Doris Wilkinson

93-94   Irving K. Zola

94-95   Gaye Tuchman

95-96   Caroline Hodges Persell

96-97   Howard F. Taylor

97-98   Richard D. Alba

98-99   Margaret L. Andersen

99-00   Joyce Ladner

00-01   N. J. Demerath III

01-02   Judith Lorber

02-03   Jerry A. Jacobs

03-04   Phyllis Moen

04-05   Robert Wuthnow

05-06   Nancy Denton

06-07   Phil Kasinitz

07-08   Katherine Newman

08-09   Katherine Gerson

09-10   Rosanna Hertz

10-11    Christine Bose

11-12   Robert Zussman

12-13   Nancy Naples

13-14   Marjorie DeVault

14-15   Nancy Foner

15-16   Barbara Katz Rothman

16-17   John Torpey

17-18   Victor Nee

18-19   Nazli Kibria

19-20  Alejandro Portes

20-21   Jennifer Lee

21-22    Robert C. Smith

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