Planning for ESS 2021 and other announcements

June 1, 2020

Dear ESS Community:

We hope that you and your family are healthy and safe, and managing during this difficult time. Over the weekend, we witnessed protests across the nation, triggered by the depraved actions of a white police officer in Minneapolis. The heartbreaking death of George Floyd, as well as Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many others, brought together many members of the ESS community.  Many participated in the Black Lives Matter protests, and showed our support in other ways. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, we hope that you continue to remain safe, connected, and check on one another. We also have a few announcements.

First, after a tremendously successful ESS 2020 Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, we are turning our attention to the ESS 2021 Meeting in New York City, scheduled for February 18-21, 2021. Given the uncertainty of the impact of coronavirus pandemic, however, we are working with the Executive Committee and the Program Committee to consider contingencies should we be unable to meet in person in NYC. Whether you live in NYC, along the east coast, or beyond, we will be thinking of you as we plan for ESS 2021, with your health and safety as our priority.

Second, the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the diversity and inequality in the United States and abroad in nearly every domain of social life from disparate health outcomes, to education and workplace dynamics, to racial, class, and gender relations. It has also laid bare the discontents. As sociologists, we have much to contribute to understanding the impact of Covid-19, and also much to learn from one another. Therefore, we are pleased to announce a most timely theme for ESS 2021, “Diversity and Its Discontents in the Wake of Covid-19.” The Program Committee is working to develop thematic sessions that will shed light on the manifold ways in which Covid-19 has impacted our lives.

In the next month, we will issue a call for paper submissions for ESS 2021, including thematic sessions, author meets critics sessions, as well as nominations for ESS awards. We should note at the outset that do not expect all paper submissions to address the program theme.

Third, we will soon issue a call for nominations for ESS officers, including President-Elect, Vice President-Elect, and Executive Committee Members. Please consider whether you may be interested in nominating yourself or a colleague for one of these leadership roles.

Fourth, we would like to build an even stronger on-line community, so please allow us to amplify your research, published papers, public engagement, and awards by tagging us on Twitter @essnet. We would like to stay connected with you especially during this time of physical and social distancing.

Finally, in this unprecedented time, we ask for your patience as we forge ahead. We are doing our best to think through possibilities, and will keep you updated on developments as they arise. Together, we will get through this.


 Jennifer Lee, ESS President

 Jennifer A. McAdam, ESS Executive Officer


The Benefits of Membership

The benefits of ESS membership include receiving our scholarly journal, Sociological Forum, on a quarterly basis. It has one of the highest impact factors amongst journals of its kind.
Further, members have access to our job search database; an opportunity to serve on our various committees, many of which seek to serve the underrepresented; the opportunity to learn new sociological theories and new application of theories; access to scholarship awards and travel grants; opportunities to improve on their area of expertise and explore new scholarship. Further, Membership affords an opportunity to exercise leadership and make a change by holding office in one of our elected posts.


{Call for Papers 2021 Coming Soon}