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Please join us in congratulating our newly elected Officers and Executive Committee Members!
And, a special thank you to all who gave their time to run for office-your involvement gives strength to ESS.

President-ElectDerek S. Hyra, American University

Vice President-ElectDaniel Laurison, Swarthmore College

EC MembersHeba Gowayed, Boston University

Tania M. Jenkins, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Thank you to our #ESS2023 Sponsors: 
Princeton University Department of Sociology
WILEY, publisher of
Sociological Forum
Rutgers University Press

Welcome To

Eastern Sociological Society

We provide a platform for sociological scholarship and host an annual conference.

What Is ESS?

Our Society was founded in 1930 to advance sociological research, promote the effective teaching of sociology, develop more vital relationships between sociology and related disciplines, and to use the tools of the social sciences to address social problems. We publish a peer-reviewed journal Sociological Forum, host an annual conference, support workshops, and award prizes for excellence in the discipline.

Our Annual Conference

#ESS2024: “The Social Side of the Climate Crisis” 


Washington, DC 2024

The Eastern Sociological Society will soon invite abstract submissions for our 2024 Annual Meeting. The meeting’s theme is “The Social Side of the Climate Crisis.” While abstracts on topics around broad issues related to climate change and the climate crisis, including (but not limited to): societal drivers, attitudes, decision-making, migration, activism, misinformation, and solutions of all sorts are appreciated, we welcome paper abstracts on any topic using any methodology that is of interest to sociologists.

As scientific consensus about the effect humans have on the climate is indisputable, increasing attention is being given to understanding the role that society plays in both creating the climate crisis and solving it (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group 1 2021; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group 2 2022; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group 3 2022; also see Oreskes 2004).
Our presidential plenaries will bring together prominent policymakers, journalists, community leaders, and sociologists to discuss a range of issues related to the societal causes, consequences, and solutions to the climate crisis. Across these plenaries we will focus on the important role that society and sociology plays in our shared understanding of the climate crisis.

Program Committee:
Colin Jerolmack (NYU), Andrew Jorgenson (Boston College/UBC), Rachel Shwom, (Rutgers University), Rubin Patterson (Howard University), Myron T. Strong (Community College of Baltimore County), and Fernando Tormos-Aponte (University of Pittsburgh), with President Dana R. Fisher serving ex-officio and Tania Jenkins (UNC) serving as the mini-conference liaison. This committee will make decisions on the mini-conferences, workshops, and conference panels.

Dana R. Fisher, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

President, Eastern Sociological Society


ESS 2023 Award Recipients

The Eastern Sociological Society's awards provide a means to amplify sociological work.

Generally, candidates for awards must be members of the Eastern Sociological Society

in the year in which the award is received. 


Sociological Forum

Sociological Forum, edited by Karen A. Cerulo, is the flagship journal of the Eastern Sociological Society. The journal is peer reviewed and committed to publishing high quality, cutting edge research on substantive issues of fundamental importance to the study of society. The journal’s mission is broad in scope, encompassing empirical works (both quantitative and qualitative in nature), as well as works that develop theories, concepts, and methodological strategies.

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Jeffrey K. Hass, Wartime Suffering and Survival: The Human Condition under Siege in the Blockade of Leningrad, 1941-44, Oxford University Press, 2021
  • Alexander Adames, University of Pennsylvania

  • Honorable Mention,

  • Yifeng Wan, Johns Hopkins University


Max Bebris. University of Wisconsin, Madison

Meg Bishop, University of Texas at Austin

Andres Besserer Rayas, CUNY Graduate Center

Tannuja Rozario, Every Town for Gun Safety


Ernesto Castañeda, American University

Ingrid Castro, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Victoria Reyes, University of California, Riverside

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