ESS 2021 Preliminary Program
“Diversity and Its Discontents in the Wake of COVID-19”
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ESS 2021 Membership Rates:
Sustaining $120.00
Joint $130.00
Regular – Assistant Professor/non-tenured full-time faculty $75.00
Regular – Associate and Full Professor/tenured faculty $95.00
Emeritus $65.00
Graduate Student $35.00
On behalf of the ESS Program Committee, we are delighted to present the Preliminary Program for our Annual Meeting, which will take place virtually from February 18-21, 2021. 
ESS 2021 includes the following, the details of which may be found here 
 Pre-Conference: Community College Spotlight
  1. Robin M. Williams, Jr. Lecture
  2. Presidential Plenary Sessions
  3. Thematic Sessions
  4. ESS Awards and Presidential Address
  5. Author Meets Critics Sessions
 Virtual, Streamlined, and Non-Synchronous Sessions
Virtual, streamlined, and non-synchronous sessions are a radical departure from previous ESS programs, but we are facing a radically different time. Apart from the AMC Sessions, all ESS 2021 sessions will be asynchronous.
As sociologists, we have much to contribute to understanding the impact of COVID-19, and also much to learn from one another. As a whole, the ESS 2021 program is designed to serve as a vehicle to bring together the vibrant ESS community during this challenging time.
Thank you
Allow us to end by noting how much we have benefited from the exceptional leadership of the members of the Program Committee, who have worked tirelessly during this most unusual and challenging time. Their commitment and service to ESS has been extraordinary.
There is no road map about how to proceed during a pandemic, but we have been guided by our intent to best serve ESS as a community. We thank you for your continued support of ESS.
Jennifer Lee
President ESS
Jennifer McAdam
Executive Officer ESS
Maria Abascal                          New York University
Delia Baldassarri                      New York University
Nina Bandelj                           University of California, Irvine
Aixa Cintrón-Vélez                  Russell Sage Foundation
Linsey Edwards                       New York University
Amy Hsin                                Queens College, CUNY
Tey Meadow                            Columbia University
Wendy Roth                            University of Pennsylvania
Vondora Wilson-Corzen          Nassau Community College
José Itzigsohn                          Vice President ESS
Robert C. Smith                       President-Elect ESS
Myron Strong                          Executive Committee ESS
Vondora Wilson-Corzen          Community College Committee ESS