Travel Grant 

The 2014 Award Recipients of the ESS Travel Grant are:

  • Natascia Boeri, The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • Jessica Braimoh, McMaster University
  • Wei-ting Chen, Johns Hopkins University
  • Jonathan Gordon, New York University (co-author)
  • Robert Riggs, New York University (co-author)
  • Johnnie Lotesta, Brown University
  • Sonny Nordmarken, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Francesca Tripodi, University of Virginia
  • Alessandra Bazo Vienrich,  Lehigh University
  • Yingchan Zhang, Northeastern University
  • Jianping Xu, Syracuse University
  • Nicole Lloyd,  Shepherd University (Undergraduate)


If you are on the list above and have not heard from the ESS Office, please email Emily Mahon at  for the details.



Marjorie DeVault, ESS President

Program Committe