Founded in 1930, the Eastern Sociological Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in sociological scholarship and instruction. The ESS sponsors a professional journal, a four-day annual meeting in the spring, a newsletter, numerous award competitions, an employment service, and a mailing list.



The ESS welcomes submissions, drawing on every methodology, addressing any and all issues of interest to sociologists. The 2019 meeting will have a special focus on “Facts and Fictions: Narratives of Inequality and Difference”.

Fact, not fiction: Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than those born in the U.S.  Fact, not fiction: “Emily” and “Greg” are more employable than “Lakisha” and “Jamal.”  Fact, not fiction: An average woman’s salary is approximately 80% of an average man’s.

Facts are central to sociology. From the collection and construction of facts to critical analyses of how facts are interpreted, sociologists engage in a variety of ways with information about the social world.  Given the contemporary political climate of attacks on the value of scientific methodologies, scientific evidence, and scientific interpretation, how do we as sociologists effectively and responsibly bring facts into public narratives?  Whether it is in our classroom teaching, on our social media posts or in the scholarly papers we publish, how do we work with facts?  How might we ensure that the facts we uncover, construct, interpret, and critique are used for the public good, especially to address the pressing issues of social inequality and exclusion that surround us?    

This is only a partial list of the questions that have evolved from the issues that have defined sociology as a social scientific discipline. No doubt there are others.  We look forward to submissions that will fill the missing links. Although the ESS especially encourages submissions related to this year’s theme, we welcome submissions on all sociological topics.  Miniconferences proposals are due July 9, 2018.  

Click here to read the full Call. The submission system is available at http://www.meetingsavvy.org/ess