Notice regarding AMC Sessions for the ESS 2020 Meetings

From Committee Co-Chairs

Anna Branch and Jennifer Lee

Re: AMC Sessions for the 2020 Meetings of the Eastern Sociological Society

Dear ESS Members: 

Thanks to each of you who submitted a proposal for an Author-Meets-Critics Session for the 2020 ESS Meetings in Philadelphia. For the first time in recent ESS history, we received more than twice as many proposals for AMC Sessions than we could accept, which attests to the vibrancy of ESS, but also made our selection extremely difficult.

We have informed all those whose AMC proposals we accepted.

In the event that your proposal was not accepted, we hope that you will consider re-submitting it for the 2021 ESS Meetings in New York.

Best wishes,

Anna Branch, Vice President, Eastern Sociological Society

Jennifer Lee, President-Elect, Eastern Sociological Society

Co-Chairs, Selection Committee


Alejandro Portes, President, Eastern Sociological Society

Tod Hamilton, Program Chair, Eastern Sociological Society

Jennifer McAdam, Executive Officer, Eastern Sociological Society 

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