As part of ESS's ongoing efforts to provide mentorship to students and junior faculty, we are launching a speed mentoring event at this year's meeting. We will be offering (tentatively) 7 themed tables, and each table will ideally have 2-3 faculty mentors. Mentees will go from table to table for those topics they would like information on. So we will need volunteers from among our faculty members to be mentors for this session. Here are table themes:

  1. Publishing books
  2. Publishing articles
  3. Public engagement/public sociology
  4. Applying for grants
  5. Navigating the job market
  6. Work-life integration/time management
  7. Teaching

Please indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for the theme you would like to be a mentor for. If there is a topic missing that you think would be beneficial, please suggest it and we might be able to incorporate it depending what others also suggest. Finally, if you want to mentor and prefer not do this event, or if we end up with more volunteers than we need, there will be other mentoring opportunities at the conference that we will be announcing soon. Thanks!

Graduate studentABDRecent graduate (post-doc, visiting, lecturer, adjunct)Junior facultyAssociate professorFull professor