Membership dues for calendar year 2013 are as follows:

Sustaining Member $100 Newsletter & Journal
Regular Member $65 Newsletter & Journal
Emeritus Member $55 Newsletter & Journal
Student Member/ Income of $20,000 or Less $30 Newsletter & Journal
Joint Member $100 Newsletter & Journal (one copy per household)

Sustaining Member: This is a voluntary contribution for members who are able to give the society this level of financial support, thereby enabling us to continue to offer lower rates for students and others with low income.

Regular Member: For members with incomes above $20,000, who don’t wish to pay the Sustaining Member rate.

Emeritus Member: For retired members.

Student / Low-Income Member: For members with total income from all sources below $20,000.

Joint Member: Two members, one address, one copy of Sociological Forum.

Awards and Lectureship Fund: Your voluntary contribution is tax-deductible and will help the ESS awards fund grow. It supports the annual Robin M. Williams, Jr. Distinguished Lectureship, plus the annual Candace Rogers and Rose Laub Coser awards for graduate students. (See our awards page for more information on these and other awards.)

Departmental Memberships: Your BA, MA or PhD-granting department can also enjoy benefits from an ESS membership. See the link at left for the departmental membership form.

Should you wish to become a member of the ESS, please use the online or printable paper form in the menu to the right. If you have questions about membership in ESS, please call 973-720-3689 or send e-mail to