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Call for Submissions :  Mini-conference on Carework

The Carework Network is an international and interdisciplinary network of scholars studying the paid and unpaid labor of taking care of people. Over the past several years, we have sponsored a series of sessions at ESS on Care and Carework. We are now soliciting papers or fully-constituted panels for a mini-conference on Care for the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, Feb 22-25 in Baltimore.

The field of care is growing in importance and is also a site of research for issues that often touch upon problems related by this year’s theme of social and institutional change. We see fluid boundaries of family work and paid work, changes in the institutional structure of health care, child care, education and social work, the outsourcing (even globally) of work and care,  and vibrant activist and labor movements to increase the value and resources dedicated to caring work.

We welcome papers related to care, especially those that engage with the ESS conference theme “As Time Goes By: Social and Institutional Change.” Other related topics might include:

  • Caring as our day job: paid or unpaid care?

  • Coping with care work and academia: double shifts in the 21st century

  • Teaching about care: from academia to practice

  • Outsourcing care

  • The blurred boundaries of work and family in care work

  • Caring jobs: the boundaries of professionalization

  • International perspectives of the care landscape

  • The corporatization of care

  • Caring through chronic illness


Those wishing to present papers should send an abstract of no longer than 250 words by October 15, 2017 through the ESS abstract submission portal at . In the “Submission Details” window, select “miniconference: carework” under the topic area that best describes your submission. If you wish to submit a full session, which may be a workshop, paper session, roundtable, etc., use the same submission portal at   Select “miniconference:  carework” as your topic area and then follow the prompts.


Inquiries may be directed to:

Deborah Little,

Suzan Walters,


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