Exciting new tour opportunity at ESS2017

The Think Tank, an advisory arm of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, invites ESS attendees to participate in a workshop on “Criminal Justice Reform in the Era of Mass Incarceration” on Saturday, February 26, 2017. Those attending will gather at the conference site and be ready to depart at 7:15 am to process in to the Graterford Correctional Facility at 8:30 am, attend the workshop, and return to the conference site by noon. Those attending must have a valid government photo ID (US or non-US passport , driver’s license, or other government-issued ID).

There are only 25 slots available to attend the workshop. Please contact Nina Johnson (njohnso5@swarthmore.edu) if you would like to attend or for more information.

The Graterford Think Tank is an advisory group of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, comprised of 15 inside and 15 outside members. Following the completion of the summer 2002 class, participants decided to continue meeting on a weekly basis to develop projects focused on re-educating the public about crime and justice. This effort came to be known as the Graterford Think Tank and continues on today facilitating workshops, training instructors in the Inside-Out pedagogy, advising Inside-Out’s international center at Temple University, and conducting research.

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program creates avenues for social change through education and civic engagement. Through the development of dynamic partnerships between institutions of higher learning and correctional systems, we seek to deepen the conversation about and transform our approaches to understanding crime, justice, freedom, inequality, and other issues of social concern. Inside-Out’s mission is to create opportunities for people inside and outside of prison to have transformative learning experiences that emphasize collaboration and dialogue and that invite them to take leadership in addressing crime, justice, and other issues of social concern.

We believe that, by studying together and working on issues of social concern, those of us inside and outside of prison can catalyze the kinds of changes that will make our communities more inclusive, just, and socially sustainable.

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