ESS-ORN Committee Call

Here is an opportunity to make a contribution to the ESS, your colleagues and ultimately to yourself by helping to organize a vibrant group for retirees and those contemplating retirement in the ESS.  Regional associations have a special role to play in the life of retirees since many cannot travel to national meetings.  In addition, regionals facilitate maintaining professional ties with nearby colleagues one may not otherwise see.

A new committee ESS-ORN (Opportunities in Retirement Network) is being formed and we ask you to consider serving on the Acting Advisory Board for 2017-2018.  This will entail attending a meeting at the annual ESS meetings in Philadelphia, February 23rd-26th, 2017 and email contact after that.  As noted in the formal proposal below, we will organize the 2018 workshop and act as a nominating committee for 2018 ESSORN committee elections.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send me an email by October 13, 2016  I hope to hear from you.

Susan B Prager, Ret. Brooklyn College/CUNY


ESS-ORN (Opportunities in Retirement Network) will be a special committee formed under Article III section 3 of the constitution. The purpose is to learn about the interests and needs of ESS members who are retired or contemplating retirement, to represent and further these needs in the ESS and provide a means for maintaining and furthering professional and social connections for retired members. It will also serve as a resource for those who are retired or contemplating retirement   In addition it will further scholarship on aging and retirement by providing a forum for the discussion of ongoing research at our annual workshops.

Volunteers to serve on the acting advisory board will be recruited in early October 2016 and will meet at the ESS meetings in February. This group will organize the 2018 workshop and be the nominating committee for officers to be elected in 2018.   Subject to the approval of the Acting Advisory Board, we will have a chairperson and a vice chairperson who will also serve as secretary treasurer and two members at large.  Officers will serve for one year with the possibility of reelection.  The board will also be responsible for recruiting new member to ESS-ORN by drafting  an annual email blast to all ESS members each  December.

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