Committee for Gender Equity

Please see the below, sponsored by the Committee for Gender Equity:

A. Facing Cis People and Institutions: Transgender and Non-Binary Lives

(Panel Session Sponsored by the Committee for Gender Equity)

Organizer(s)/presider: Simone Kolysh (

This panel will engage contemporary sociological research on transgender identities and lives, broadly defined. We seek proposals that address: 1. discrimination and oppression faced by transgender people across different spheres, 2. effects of everyday and structural interactions and inequalities on members of the transgender community and, 3. intersections of transgender identity with race, sexuality, ability, citizenship, etc.

B. Professional Development: How to Navigate Graduate School

(Workshop Sponsored by the Committee for Gender Equity)

Organizer(s): Christina Whittlesey & Simone Kolysh (

This session features panelists who have survived graduate school as well as those who have nearly done so. Participants will share and discuss strategies for effectively meeting the demands of graduate school, with a focus on academic and procedural issues as well as the social and emotional challenges of graduate student life. The session will also include a discussion of the major hurdles that often arise during graduate school along with suggestions for how to contend with and move past these hurdles.

C.Pedagogy Development: Teaching as Women and Trans Folks

(Panel Session Sponsored by the Committee for Gender Equity)

Organizers(s): Simone Kolysh (

This panel session will focus on the challenges that women and trans instructors face, particularly in their efforts to teach and engage students’ critical analysis of persisting inequities of gender, gender identity, sexuality, class, race, age, ability, citizenship, and religion. In the contemporary climate, shaped by the rhetoric of “alternative facts,” it is difficult for students to distinguish empirical evidence from opinion. Participants will also, therefore, propose and discuss strategies for confronting and overcoming the challenges faced by women and trans instructors in this era of “alternative facts.”

KINDLY SUBMIT BY 10/15/19 at Midnight ET.

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