CFP Gender and the City Panel

Call for Papers: Gender and the City

Eastern Sociological Society Meeting

Baltimore, MD Feb. 22-25, 2018


Gender and the City (Panel Session Sponsored by the Committee on the Status of Gender)

Organizer: Meghan Rich and Simone Kolysh. This panel will engage contemporary sociological research on gender and the city. Participants will discuss 1. discrimination and oppression faced by cisgender women, gender non-conforming cisgender men and transgender people in the public sphere, 2. effects of everyday interactions on the streets and public transit on how people develop their gender identity and expression, 3. intersections of the effect on gender of the city with race, sexuality, ability, citizenship, etc. 

Please forward a title, abstract of your paper (250 word limit), and your contact information to Simone Kolysh: by September 20, 2017. Papers will be selected by Oct. 1. 


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