CFP Committee on the Status of Ethnicity, Race, and Racism

Call by the ESS Committee on the Status of Ethnicity, Race, and Racism for a Paper Session

Abstracts for the 2018 Eastern Sociological Society annual meeting

Conference Theme:  As Time Goes By: Social and Institutional Change

The ESS Committee on the Status of Ethnicity, Race, and Racism welcomes submissions for a Paper Session titled Navigating Race and Racism on Campus.

We welcome paper submissions based on empirical research and/or experiential knowledge (i.e., scholarly personal narrative) that address the challenges and complexities of navigating race and racism on campus.  Of particular interest are papers that focus on faculty and student experiences managing racial microaggressions; challenges to confronting racial discrimination; teaching and learning, Post-Charlottesville; community organizing on campus (#BLM, DACA); and building community and alliances on racially divisive campuses.  We envision this paper session providing people with problem-solving resources and specific strategies for navigating racism on campus, and thus encourage authors to provide such insight in their presentations.

This session is organized by Melinda A. Mills and Dawn W. Dow, members of the ESS Status of Ethnicity, Race, and Racism Committee. Presenters must submit their abstracts through the ESS submission system by Oct 15, 2017.  
-In the “Submission Details” window, select “Paper” for “Type of Submission.” 
-Select the keyword “Racism on Campus” for “Select the topic area that best describes your submission.”  
Be sure to include your name, institutional affiliation, contact information, paper title, and an abstract of 250 words or less. 


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