Travel Grant 

The 2015 Award Recipients of the ESS Travel Grant are:

Malia Allen Boston College Performative Masculinity in College Cheerleading: A Pilot Study
Asad Asad Harvard University Undocumented or Indigenous? Ethnic Identification, Legal Status, and Residential Mobility among Mexican Migrants to the United States, 1970-2010
Jorge Ballinas Temple University Defining Success: Mexican American College Student Narratives
Jennifer Girouard Brandeis University Beyond Consultation or Cooptation: Experts as Brokers in Public Hearings
JooHee Han University of Massachusetts Amherst Does Skin Color Still Matter in Immigrants’ Labor Market Adjustment? : Occupational Trajectories of U.S. Legal Immigrants
Ying-Chao Kao Rutgers University Belief, Behavior, and Belonging: How Religious Involvement Differently Influences Attitudes toward Homosexuality in 40 Countries
Zhen Liu Brown University High school educational performance of immigrant youth by race, ethnicity and generation status: the role of parental involvement and expectations
Fan Mai University of Virginia Crossing Borders: Use of New Media Technologies in Transnational Migrations
Radha Modi University of Pennsylvania Managing the Racial Middle: The Role of Skin Color and Gender in the Racialization of South Asians
Mark Noble University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Rural Disadvantage and Malaria in Less-Developed Nations: A Cross-National Investigation of a Neglected Disease
Diana Catalina Vallejo Pedraza University of Virginia “Yesterday, Men… Today, Nature”: Remembering Anthropogenic and Natural Disasters in Colombia
Joanna Pinto-Coelho University of Pennsylvania The Continuing Consequences of Segregation: Stressful Life Events and Student Well Being, Academic Performance, and Overall Satisfaction in College
Virginia Riel University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill An Analysis of How Tracking Stratifies Students by Race and Impacts Students’ Perceptions of Their Schools, Themselves, and Their Futures
Jacqueline C. Rivers Harvard University Is Racial Socialization a Form of Cultural Capital?
Jessica T. Simes Harvard University Place and Punishment: The Spatial Context of Incarceration
Kyla Thomas Princeton University The Hidden Value of Highbrow Taste: How Cultural Signals of Class Shape Hiring Outcomes in the U.S.
Francesca Tripodi University of Virginia “Yaking” about College Life: A case study of media-in-interaction
Zimife Umeh Duke University School Discipline, School Attachment, And Beyond: Does School Discipline Compromise More Than Just Attachment To School?
Selen Yanmaz Boston College Revolution will not be Televised, It will be Tweeted:” Digital media, activism and Turkey’s Gezi Movement.
Farhan Navid Yousaf University of Connecticut Organ Trafficking and Commodification of Human Bodies
Queenie Zhu Harvard University How Spatial Layout Structures Group Relations: A Study of De Facto Segregation in Diverse Suburban Schools


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