Travel Grant 

The 2016 Award Recipients of the ESS Travel Grant are:

If you are on the list above and have not heard from the ESS Office, please email Emily Mahon at  for the details.

2016 Travel Grant Recipients
Cassaundra Rodriguez UMass Amherst
Virginia Little Kent State University
Conner Hayes Birmingham-Southern College
Macie McKensey Kent State University
Johanna S. Quinn University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hamad Sindhi The Graduate Center–CUNY
Rachel La Touche Indiana University
Simone Kolysh The Graduate Center–CUNY
Abbey S. Willis University of Connecticut
Steven Jefferson Duke University
Anna Russian Indiana University
JooHee Han University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sandra Florian University of Southern California
Virginia Riel North Carolina State University
Tara Fannon NUI Galway
Samuel L. Frye Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Holly Benton Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Caitlin Lockard Elizabethtown College
Irene Snyder Elizabethtown College
Philip Ebersole Elizabethtown College

ESS 2016 Program Committe