Abstracts on Globalization

*Mini-conference: Globalization in Uncertain Times*
Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, February 22-25, 2018.
Abstract deadline: October 15, 2017.
It was only a few decades ago that globalization was held by many to be an
inevitable, unstoppable force. Yet a series of political turmoil—from Brexit to
Trump’s election victory—and the rise of nationalist, populist backlash against
globalization, have raised important questions and uncertainty over the
direction and future of globalization. Arguably, the rise and fall of
globalization and the political chaos, populism, and uncertainty of this time,
resemble closely the previous cycle of the late 19^th century and the opening
years of the 20^th century.
We are soliciting papers that encourage thinking about globalization in relation
to uncertainty through a comparative lens. This means clarifying and defining
the notion of globalization beyond political economy to encompass the realms of
society, culture, identity, polity, technology, and etc. It also means taking
uncertainty theoretically, empirically, and analytically. We welcome
contributions which shed light on any aspects of these global dynamics,
including – but not limited to – migration, labor, development, social
inequalities, the nation-state and national sovereignty, global governance,
climate change, security and surveillance, social movements, broadly defined.
This mini-conference is a forum for discussions on the latest (re)thinking about
globalization as it may be informed from a wide range of empirical areas,
methodological strategies, and theoretical approaches.
Please send an abstract of maximum 250 words through the ESS abstract submission
portal at https://www.meetingsavvy.org/ess and select “Mini-conference: Globalization in uncertain times”

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